frequently asked questions

Q: Can I do a single test commission first before I decide to commission you?
A: Of course!

Q: Are prices same for commercial and non-commercial?  
A: Yup.

Q: Do you do bulk discounts?  
A: No.

Q: Do you take monthly installments / Can I commission one piece at a time per month? 
A: Sorry, I like to get into the zone for a project and work in chunks, so unfortunately, no. Please have your project details ready to go. 

Q: Will you work on a private commission or illustration (non Visual Novel related)?
A: Maybe, depending on the scale and/or type of the commission. Please email me to ask! 

Q: What counts as a Minor Pose Change?
A: Usually arm movements. If the entire body is moving and needs to be redrawn, then you'd need to commission a new base.

Q: So the 'Base Sprite' does not include any expressions?
A: Only one default ._. face. Please add either the Main Character Pack ($20) or additional single faces ($3) 

Q: How many expressions are included in the Main Character Pack? What does 7+ mean?
A: If we go over 15 eyes / mouths, I may start charging more, but generally the pack covers most all the expressions a character will need for the game.