Started freelancing in 2007. Had the pleasure of working numerous illustration jobs from personal to commercial work since.

References available upon request. 


10/10! Would work with again!
— Elijah, Apocrypha
I have nothing but good things to say about Flora. She has a phenomenal grasp on characterization.
Very professional, patient, and pleasant to work with! Flora’s characters are so colorful, lively, and radiate individuality and personality. Anyone who gets the chance to hire her for their project will be blown away!
— Alex, Band Camp Boyfriend
I want to second my sister’s statement above and follow up with my own! She will take the time to work with you so you get the product you desire and she will always let you know when to expect a sprite or when she will be taking a short break. Lastly, I want to say that my jaw literally DROPPED multiple times when I’d open my inbox and see her art waiting for me. And I’m not ashamed to say that I have laughed, gasped, and fangirled while cycling through the many colorful expressions she has gifted our sprites. She made them better than I ever imagined and I could not be more excited to show them to the world when we release the game in the future! If you ever have the opportunity to work with her...TAKE IT!
— Taylor, Band Camp Boyfriend
I think I’m currently up to 7 or 8 [artists] including you and you have been the only reliable one (AND the fastest).
— Thomas, Red Eyes In the Darkness
Thank you as always for your *awesome*. ... Two indie RPG developers who I’ve been following were talking recently about having real difficulty with finding reliable people as 3D modelers, composers, and pixel artists have either flaked out on them or just not delivered what they said they would… So I wanted to say I’m really grateful for you because you’ve been that reliable for me.
— Jay, JellyPaladin
I’ve looked at this so many times, I forgot that I hadn’t replied. I love it, perfect.
— Delve, The Dice Game
OMG! As usual Lyn you go above and beyond my expectations, completely shattering them.
— Gojira-Yuki, Devil Gene R