Whether you're looking to commission some game art, a special gift or just plain art, I'm your girl. Feel free to read my Résumé or testimonials on the right. :P  



Chibi: $20 each
Cell-shade: Headshot $20 | Knee-up $35 | Full Body $50
+ Colored Lines:  +15% original price
Semi-Realism: Bust $90 | Half Body $150 | Full Body $200
+ Backgrounds: $40+ for complex backgrounds. Simple backgrounds are free. 

Visual Novel Sprites*:
Base prices same as listed above. (i.e. 3/4 body cell-shade is $35) (examples: here)
+ $12 / additional outfit
+ $12 / minor pose adjustment / outfit
+ $3 / facial expression change 

* Semi-realism prices differ as it's very time consuming - Please consult first!

Visual Novel CGs: $70 per CG (cell-shade) up to 2 characters (examples: here)
+ $15 / each additional character



  • No R-18 (Hentai, yaoi, yuri), incest
  • 1/2 Payment after sketch, 1/2 after completion.
  • Edits allowed during sketching and minor adjustments after completion. 
  • Payment via PayPal preferred.
  • If interested or have any other questions, please ask! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • ...Don't be too creepy. I am your artist, not your wai-fu / psychiatrist. ಥ‿ಥ 
I think I’m currently up to 7 or 8 [artists] including you and you have been the only reliable one (AND the fastest).
— Thomas, Red Eyes In the Darkness
Thank you as always for your *awesome*. ... Two indie RPG developers who I’ve been following were talking recently about having real difficulty with finding reliable people as 3D modelers, composers, and pixel artists have either flaked out on them or just not delivered what they said they would… So I wanted to say I’m really grateful for you because you’ve been that reliable for me.
— Jay, JellyPaladin
OMG! As usual Lyn you go above and beyond my expectations, completely shattering them.
— Gojira-Yuki, Devil Gene R
I’ve looked at this so many times, I forgot that I hadn’t replied. I love it, perfect.
— Delve, The Dice Game
I think your art is great, amazing and better than we hoped for. So please keep up the exceptional work!
— Norm, Alderan Gaming