Pricing & breakdown

Sprites • flat or CELL-SHADE

Bust $25 | Thigh-up $60 | Full Body $80
+ $12 / minor pose adjustment
+ $3 / expression OR $20 MC pack*
+ $5-20 / prop
+ $20+ / outfit x number of poses

  • Character concepts are not included. I will freehand a first draft based off of the profile description. If you want to workshop the design extensively, please commission a character concept art before proceeding to sprites.

  • Minor pose change is an arm movement. If you pose requires redrawing entire character, (ie fight stance, slouching, etc) that will be the price of a new base character.

* What is an MC (main character) Pack?

Mix and match eyebrows, eyes and mouths for nuanced expression making - includes 7+ of each, unique to each character, based off their description. (My personal favorite part of the process, so sometimes I do a little extra.)

CG scenes

$90+ per CG Cell Shade or $125+ Soft Shade - up to 2 characters (examples: here)

  • SIMPLE BACKGROUNDS ONLY! Willing to coordinate with a background artist, or modify existing BG assets, but I do not do complicated backgrounds.

  • Additional characters or props will cost extra. Price will vary, if costume or pose is extremely complicated.

Rules & policy

  • No hentai (…and just like that, I’ve lost you, haven’t I?)

  • No fully nude base sprites. Lingerie & swimwear is fine

  • No incest

  • No mecha

  • Maximum of up to three minor edits once finals have been sent.

Process • How it works

  • Email an inquiry with your game information and how many assets you will need, what style you’d like it in.

  • I will provide quote / turnaround time

  • If everything is acceptable, we move onto sketches

  • Once sketches are sent, changes are allowed up to 3 times.

  • Once sketches are approved, I will require 1/2 of total payment. PayPal preferred.

  • Then I will draw and finish the image

  • I will send over a low-res file or watermarked version of final product.

  • 2/2 of Payment

  • Done! .psds or .pngs are yours. Go make ze game ~

FAQ • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do a single test commission first before I commit?
A: Of course!

Q: So the 'Base Sprite' does not include any expressions?
A: Only one default neutral face. Please add either the Main Character Pack ($20) or additional single faces ($3) 

Q: How many expressions are included in the Main Character Pack? What does 7+ mean?
A: Generally the pack covers most all the expressions a character will need for the game. Some will have more than others, depending on personality. I can add additional specific ones at your request, but if we start to go over 15 eyes/mouths then I may start to charge you more.

Q: Do you take monthly installments / Can I commission one piece at a time per month? 
A: Gah, sorry. Some months I’m completely unavailable RL, so please have your project ready to go. If you need to split it up into batches of sprites and CGs, that is fine.

Q: Can I hire you to do SFW assets for my NSFW game?
A: Tentative yes. I don’t mind doing assistant work, but I don’t want to do main character sprites and then find out later they’ve been edited naked by a different artist lol. If you need NSFW sprites, you’re probably better off with a different artist. SFW CGs and sprites are fine.

Q: Will you work on a private commission or illustration (non Visual Novel related)?
A: Depends on the scale and/or type of the commission. Please email me to ask! 

If interested or have any other questions, please hit me up at

Also, feel free to also look at the résumé.


10/10! Would work with again!
— Elijah, Apocrypha
I have nothing but good things to say about Flora. She has a phenomenal grasp on characterization.
Very professional, patient, and pleasant to work with! Flora’s characters are so colorful, lively, and radiate individuality and personality. Anyone who gets the chance to hire her for their project will be blown away!
— Alex, Lovebird Games
We are working with Floradrawz on our upcoming otome and her talent is excellent but speaks for it itself; Flora is additionally a wonderful collaborator who brought her own to some characters in the best way and was always communicative and very understanding of our needs as a development team. In specific she is talented beyond belief at fun character looks who all have their own appeal and style! She made our team fall in love with our otome heroine, much more than ever before :D

We are delighted to have partnered with Floradrawz and look forward to do so once more in the near future!
— Mero Interactive
I want to second my sister’s statement above and follow up with my own! She will take the time to work with you so you get the product you desire and she will always let you know when to expect a sprite or when she will be taking a short break. Lastly, I want to say that my jaw literally DROPPED multiple times when I’d open my inbox and see her art waiting for me. And I’m not ashamed to say that I have laughed, gasped, and fangirled while cycling through the many colorful expressions she has gifted our sprites. She made them better than I ever imagined and I could not be more excited to show them to the world when we release the game in the future! If you ever have the opportunity to work with her...TAKE IT!
— Taylor, Lovebird Games
I think I’m currently up to 7 or 8 [artists] including you and you have been the only reliable one (AND the fastest).
— Thomas, Red Eyes In the Darkness
Thank you as always for your *awesome*. ... Two indie RPG developers who I’ve been following were talking recently about having real difficulty with finding reliable people as 3D modelers, composers, and pixel artists have either flaked out on them or just not delivered what they said they would… So I wanted to say I’m really grateful for you because you’ve been that reliable for me.
— Jay, JellyPaladin
OMG! As usual Lyn you go above and beyond my expectations, completely shattering them.
— Gojira-Yuki, Devil Gene R
I’ve looked at this so many times, I forgot that I hadn’t replied. I love it, perfect.
— Delve, The Dice Game